Winter lookbook – part 3

Hey lovies ❤

Hope you all are fit and fine

We finally made it to the last part of the winter lookbook.. Yaya 👯

But firstly, I have this really big news to share with all of you which I didn’t mention on any of my social media.

And that isss (drum rolls)


We have a new addition in our family now and before any of you asks me its a BABY BOY

            Isn’t he just too adorable?  😍❤

Now on to the blog,
Everybody thinks skirt is a summer outfit and wearing it in winters is crazy. But as the trend changes the style changes as well. Skirts now days can be styled in many ways. You can wear it with stockings, leggings and etc etc things too.

Keeping myself in style and away from cold, I styled my skirt with knee length socks. Over that I wore a black color warmer and a black jacket.

(P. S. I bought this amazing mahroon skirt from Sarojini Nagar for 100 bucks :D)

Hope you like the blog,

See you soon


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