Denim over Denim!!

Hi guys, hope you all are fit and fine.
First of all I have few things to tell you guys which i have been thinking to do from quite a time and they are happening now and i am super super excited.
 Firstly, I am going to start doing photo projects now as alot of you guys have been loving my pictures so much. I have got a lot of compliments from you guys in person, through dm’s and in comments. So thank you so much. I hope not to disappoint you people.
Secondly, I have decided to post blogs every sunday and i’ll try my best to post them every week.
(I have just realised that i can be more open about my life with you guys as you people are family now. #myfam #bestfam) I know I blabber alot but please don’t unfollow me :p
Last but not the least, Alot of you guys have asked me if I will start my YouTube channel so ya team TCT will start working over that super soon, so stay tuned.
Now let’s get back to the blog,
Denim has a very special place in our hearts. Styling it has never been hard, we always wore it with something black or anything plain and it always looked amazing. But the tables have turned now. Denim over Denim is back in the game and we cannot keep calm. People are going crazy about the style whether it’s men or women.

Denim over Denim is one thing which is taking over the market right now. I decided to play around with my denim. I’ve created a look for you guys which is very easy and comfortable to carry around.



I stole my dad’s belts (ofcourse stealing :p) to create the look. I used them as croset belt, over my denim shirt and used an over sized denim shirt as an over coat.



Hope you guys liked the look. Do comment below if you guys have any questions. Any suggestions for the next blog or if you guys want to ask me anything.

6 thoughts on “Denim over Denim!!

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    You are looking gouses and smart I liked your way and dressing style don’t stop it just continue as this suit your personality .

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    Can’t explainnn how preety you are looking …..keep it up and keep sending your new blogs….

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    You are looking fabulous, mind blowing ……. 😘 😘 superbbbbb…… 😘 😘
    ##dear ##


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