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Silver jewellery is so in trend right now. Like I cannot resist myself from buying them if I see them anywhere. I run towards them like a baby running behind a toy or something. I AM SO OBSESSED. If you really want to buy some GOOD silver jewellery from the markets Sarojini Nagar and Janpat are THE places . But if you are a kind of person who really doesn’t go to these markets and don’t really have any time, but want something GOOD. Here are some best online websites to shop some crazy silver jewellery for your collection.



The Hype Shop

Hype shop launched like an year back and is run by a famous and my favourite fashion blogger Kritika Khurana. Though it has not been a long time since it has launched but, the website is doing amazingly well. You’ll love the collection when you see It. It’s completely amazing. #SilverJewellery

Check out here




We all are probably very familiar with the name. Yes, you read it right. Ajio is one of the best online stores to sell some fantastic silver jewellery. From tribal to simple you’ll find everything you need for your jewellery collection.

Check here #SilverJewellery





















Itokri. Com

Itokri launched few years back from Madhya Pradesh and has the most unique designs for silver jewellery. I am completely in love with their tribal nose pins. If you really want some amazing nose pins in your silver jewellery collection then go for it. #SilverJewellery

Check out the link 



Quirksmith. Com

Quirksmith jewellery is all you need to satisfy your hunger for silver jewellery. Those different and variant designs are breath taking and you need to have them in your collection.

Check out the link






That’s all for today. Do get your hands on the amazing jewellery and make it part of your collection. Plus, let me know if you guys have any new ideas about the next blog leave a comment in the comment box below. Would love some suggestions.

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